Ground breaking occurred on September 6, 2018 paving the way for the construction crews to start the exciting process of building our collective dream of Legacy Hall. 

The weather co-operated as the footings were dug, making for quick work to install the foundation.

By the start of October foundation walls were framed, formed and poured.

The construction crew made quick work on the trenching for the sewer, weeping and potable water lines, baffling onlookers as they straddled the trench with their machine.

Before long the floor was poured.

While overcast and dreary skies made for rainy days it didn’t put a damper on the enthusiasm of the construction crew and before long framing for the lower floor was completed.


The lower level of the hall is really taking shape. Once the framing for the lower level was completed they quickly moved on to install the floor joists for the main level of the hall.


At this stage you could really see how the building was going to connect with Hoxie Hall.

By the first week of November the framing crews began the main floor and before long the roof trusses were installed.

Once the roof trusses were installed you could start to see the signature fish roofline mimicking Hoxie Hall take shape.

The roof is complete, it won’t be long before the building envelope is completed.