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Our past leaders had a vision for the Cave Springs property and ensured this beautiful acreage has remained a vital part of our community for over 56 years but it is time to update that plan. For those of us that live in the beautiful Niagara Region with our extensive agriculture lands it is easy to believe it will always be this way. Development is always around us.

This is your chance to ensure your community develops in a meaningful way.  With strong committed team members we can chose to make that difference. By adding a four-season community center with accommodations to the property, we are responding to the many groups that have been renting the property and wish to see it available for small gatherings or larger meetings year round.

Using this land for this purpose will provide a unique venue for public gatherings while protecting its natural flora for generations to come.  We cannot do it without your help.

Volunteering today to help us achieve our capitol-funding goal will guarantee that community groups have an affordable gathering space for generations to come.

We are looking for additional committee members to help us:

  • Build fund raising campaigns – you’ll be on the team to organize and promote fundraising activities
  • Make phone calls – you’ll be reaching out to the community to gather support
  • Write compelling content – for our website, helping to update our progress, inform interested parties and to spark interest
  • Create media – take photos and build multi-media presentations that will the community understand the many benefits Legacy Hall will offer
  • Run events – you’ll be on the team that organizes plans and implements key events and initiatives

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